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  • Blackquest 40
  • Jeff Bond
  • English
  • 12 July 2020
  • 9781732255227

Jeff Bond × 4 Read

Blackuest 40 Summary ☆ 104 St 40 it's an easy noTrouble is her bosses aren't really askingBlackuest 40 is the mother of all corporate trainings A near impossible project to be completed in forty straight hours No phones No internet Sleeping on cots Nobody in nobody out Deb finds the whole setup creepy and authoritarian When a Carebnb issue necessitate. Although the main character is a smug arrogant principal engineer at a software company she grew on me What if your dreadful team bonding experience reuired by HRmanagement was actually a hostage situation in disguise Surprisingly entertaining with crawling thru ducts and remote piloting drones

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Blackuest 40 Summary ☆ 104 Deb Bollinger has no time for corporate trainingHer company's top engineer at just twenty seven Deb has blocked off her day for the one project she truly cares about the launch of Carebnb an app that finds spare beds for the homeless When she's told all employees must drop everything for some busywork exercise called Blackue. I discovered this modern technothriller set in San Francisco through an email from Hidden Gems and was intrigued by the premise but dislike the unrealistically short time frame they give you for submission of your review so was happy to see it was also available from NetGalley who don t pester you with follow up emails It s billed as Die Hard for IT nerds and there is certainly a lot of computer talk that went completely over my head as I am far from techno savvy so forgive me if I use the wrong terms in this review but this didn t stop me enjoying it as an exciting thriller featuring a feisty heroine reminiscent of a less violent Lisbeth SalanderDeb Bollinger is the lead IT engineer at Codewise a buzzy tech firm who poached her from Google due to her brilliant coding skills She s overcome a difficult childhood on the streets with her schizophrenic mother and enjoys her work but her main passions are her new app Carebnb which is designed to offer homeless or unhoused people unused beds in the city and her gadgets like Raven an intelligent solar powered drone who is part assistant part pet On the day of Carebnb s launch the bosses at Codewise announce a mandatory corporate training exercise for all staff called Blackuest 40 which includes a comms blackout and enforced on site presence for forty hours A natural rebel Deb tries to escape but is brutally returned to the sinister Facilitators who are running the exercise with threats ranging from loss of staff stock options to forced injections of speed Suspicious that this must be than an exercise Deb will use all her skills and toys to subvert their plan and free her colleagues but with the clock ticking on than just their jobs will this pint sized John McLane beat the baddiesWhile I did find this a bit long and don t like first person present narration I didn t have a problem with the geek speak my husband is an IT professional and even after 17 years I still don t understand much of it as the story was well written with fluent dialogue and well described action seuences so I could just let the computer stuff wash over me as it didn t interfere with the plot Knowing this was an homage to Die Hard and it is even referenced with plenty of fun Easter eggs helped me understand where this was going and forgive the implausible scenario to just enjoy the rideMy thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the arc which allowed me to give an honest review Blackuest 40 is available now

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Blackuest 40 Summary ☆ 104 S her leaving the office she heads for the door What's the worst that could happenArmed commandos HVAC duct chases a catastrophic master plan that gets darker by the hour Blackuest 40 is a fresh take on the Die Hard formula layering smart drones and a modern heroine onto the classic action taleStand down Bruce Deb's got this. Fast paced full of suspense and twists this book makes for a great read The characters are well developed and the storyline is very tight and well written This is my first book by this author but it won t be my lastI voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from Hidden Gems