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Michael R. Fletcher Õ 6 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD The Mirror’s Truth í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB G can stop him Not even deathThe two friends he abandoned in the Afterdeath chase after Bedeckt bent on revenge Psychotic assassins hunt him Something cold and evil follows lurking in the clouds above shredding reality with its delusions Madness and sanity war stretching and tearing the very fabric of existence The dead shall ris. 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Mirror s Truth is a seuel that builds upon everything that made the first book so great and all consuming featuring storylines and characters that are grittier twistier and even insane In other words it s even fucked up than Beyond Redemptionand I loved it War isn t insanity it s the base state for all reality Plants war for sunlight Animals war for food and water Wolves battle to decide who leads the pack All life is strugglePeace now that is insanity You didn t actually think it was over for our protagonists did you In the world of Manifest Delusions death is only the beginning Bedeckt Stehlen and Wichtig are back following the complete and utter bloodbath that was the end of the first book Only now they ve emerged even brutal bloodthirsty and psychotic than ever beforeIt all started when the old and wretched Bedeckt filled with the sudden horror of his actions decided that he could not go through with the plans he had made Now he must undo the damage caused by his weakness and do whatever it takes to stop Morgan the mad child who has become a god And if it takes abandoning his companions to the eternal greyness of the Afterdeath then so be itNot surprisingly Stehlen and Wichtig react none too kindly to that idea Livid at being left behind the murderous Kleptic and the self styled Best Swordsman in the World decide to make clandestine deals of their own returning to the world of the living in order track down Bedeckt and make him pay slowly and painfullyWith friends like these who needs enemies At the same time though it would be a mistake to dismiss these characters so casually They may be insane but they are deep Beyond Redemption would not have been such a wildly successful book in my eyes if our protagonists had merely been the vile monstrous degenerates they appeared to be on the surface Instead Michael R Fletcher drew me in with the complexity of their personalities and relationships and I was glad he continued to build upon these in the seuel While Bedeckt Stehlen and Wichtig spend much of this book apart we are still treated to the fascinating inner workings of their deep dark scary mindsIn fact with the chapters basically alternating between their POVs each of the three are essentially given their own storyline thus giving way to a lot character development on an individual level The Bedeckt we used to know has become transformed no longer just an old jaded thief looking to end his financial troubles once and for all with the score of a lifetime Now he is a man wracked with guilt and grief struggling to keep what morals and sanity he has left We also get to see a softer side of Stehlen and if you ve read the first book you ll understand why I just burst into incredulous giggles while typing that but believe it or not it is true the psycho kleptomaniac woman actually has feelings that go beyond wanting to slit your throat and steal your shit And finally there s Wichtig perhaps the most complicated of them all Of the three protagonists he s the only one whose past is explored in depth and I also find the story surrounding his delusion of being the world s best swordsman to be extremely compellingAnd of course I am once again floored by the originality and excellence in the world building People always complain about the same tired old tropes in fantasy and the lack of fresh ideas when it comes to magic systems and powers To them I say Take some Manifest Delusions and call me in the morning Fletcher has done an incredible job creating this world where magic is madness and those who are the most powerful are also the most unhinged It s a premise ripe for all kinds of ruckus and mayhem and this seuel pushes the envelope even furtherPlot wise The Mirror s Truth is simpler in some ways but it is also stranger bloodier and violent The conclusion however was the best part With that ending Michael R Fletcher might have just single handedly redefined the word insane SeriouslyI think it s safe to say those who enjoyed Beyond Redemption will also love this seuel and after all this waiting and uncertainty I m glad that The Mirror s Truth has finally found its way into readers hands Manifest Delusions is not so much a hidden gem but rather an absolute treasure trove of a series to fans of grimdark By the end of this one you will be begging for

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The Mirror’s Truth

Michael R. Fletcher Õ 6 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD The Mirror’s Truth í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB List of crimes he was unwilling to commit It was such a short list How could straying from it have gone so wrongNow Bedeckt must undo the damage caused by wandering from his precious list The Geborene god seeks to remake the world with his obsessive need for cleanliness and perfection but Bedeckt is going to bring him down Nothin. Welcome back to the sick and twisted world full of insane people debauchery violence and delusions We have our favorite trio back from the Afterdeath a nice place to take a vacation if you like the color gray tasteless food and monotony No Doesn t sound like much fun Well you re lucky then because Morgen the boy god has Ascended and can bring you back to the real world It s not much fun but at least there is real booze and the food tastesmarginally betterMorgen finds our trio separately and makes separate deals with them Our hero Bedeckt huge guy with battle axe who refuses to acknowledge his insanity and may be a bit of a berserker just wants to make things rightStehlen the psychotic Kleptic just wants revenge on Bedeckt because she loves him and he rejected her She also might be in love with Wichtig although she has no idea why She also gets to keep her lover the great swordswoman Lebendig Nobody is allowed to take ANYTHING from her Wichtig the Greatest Swordsman in the World is just thrilled because he ll get to have sex again drink good ale and resume his uest to best all swordsmen everywhere For all time Because he is the best And cutest And the best Of all time And really attractive and charming and the wenches be all up in his shizz I love Wichtig lolSo there is tons of brutal violenceWe see a LOT of the insides of people There is also lots of betrayalBecause that s the way this world rollsOur trio spends most of the book trying to find each other to pay each other back for all the wrongs and imagined wrongs The boy god Morgen is trying to expand his kingdom but finds out it s a messy dirty business and he can t stand messes He might be a bit OCD about cleanlinessThere is also a crazy dragon a chick who is so deluded she has convinced herself she speaks to the earth and can move dirt and rocks and some other crazy guy who is convinced everyone has a demon inside of them he has to exorcise I LOVE this series so much I can t put my finger on what it is In a way it s meandering and we spend a LOT of time in the various characters minds and that can be a crazy place to be but the writing is so darn good and the humor is so dark and twisted it just warms my shriveled up heart I think my favorite character is Wichtig Somehow he is just likeable even though he s such a POS One of my favorite scenes is where he tries to train his new apprentice The facts don t matter Facts are a hindrance Unless they support whatever it is you re saying in which case they are the most important thing in the world and anyone who says otherwise is an idiot Your opponent doesn t matter The crowd matters Convince the crowd Never fight without a crowd if you can avoid it If there s no crowd then you have to convince your opponent If that fails you might have to actually rely on skill with a sword That should always be a last resort Now talk to the crowd Look at the pretty girls or boys or whatever your preference is Ignore your opponent Nothing pisses Swordsmen off than being ignored You don t care what they think about you you care what they think about the fight What they think about your opponent Wichtig closed his eyes I m tired Keep practicing in your mind Imagine the crowd Imagine what you ll say and what your opponent will say Wake me if the dragon comes to eat usMan he gets put through the wringer in this one It s horrible but yet I couldn t stop reading Poor Wichtig LOL Don t expect these characters to have nice and tidy HEAs lolThis is an anti happy ever after world and dark fantasy at its best Hands down I will read anything by this author I can t wait to find out what happens next Original postI love this sick twisted world heheMy review for book one Beyond Redemption

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Michael R. Fletcher Õ 6 READ & DOWNLOAD READ & DOWNLOAD The Mirror’s Truth í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Where belief defines reality delusions are both strength and curse The deeper you sink into madness the powerful you become But that power comes with a price Your darkest nightmares hunt you at night The face in the mirror hates you and wants to be free Your fears manifest and plot your destruction Bedeckt defined himself by the. This is why I love grimdark fantasy The Mirror s Truth is grimdark fantasy at its best and it deserves only the highest of praise from meThis is one of those books that will be engraved in my hall of remembrance If you re afraid of trying grimdark fantasies remember a road less traveled can make all the difference Who knows Maybe this could be one of your best reads tooSomewhere in the middle of my read through Beyond Redemption I knew I had to drop any planned reading in my schedule and continue to the seuel immediately I m glad I did because this was one of the best reading experiences I ve ever had in the genre When I stumble upon a fantastic book I always try to savor and stretch my reading time as long as possible If I fail to do this it means that the book is so good that it ended up overpowering my will I ended up finishing The Mirror s Truth in less than two days so go figureFletcher has improved upon all the groundwork he established previously in Beyond Redemption The plot is a direct continuation of what happened at the end of the previous book Bedeckt who defines himself by his list of crimes that he s committed to avoiding strayed once from that commitment The Mirror s Truth revolves around the aftermath of that decision and the chaos it spawned While the scope of the plot isn t as epic as before it s eually amazing maybe even so in a different way because this time the plot is character driven Even with the changes in the narrative direction the book is still filled with a myriad of madness manipulations violence and intriguing philosophies It s also brutal engaging and surprisingly poignant than before Combined with a well balanced pacing and the growing tension that accumulated with each page turned the story eventually reached an intricate unforgettable emotional tornado of clashing delusions that left me completely breathless The conclusion of this book is one of the best conclusions to a book I ve ever read the sheer brilliance of it is simply indisputableOne of the biggest challenges in grimdark fantasies is to create lovable characters despite their morally gray code especially in cases like this series where characters tend to be evil and sociopathic I believe that no one in this world is completely good not me not you not anyone We have all done some bad things and made mistakes we wish we could take back The same goes for evil characters I believe that deep inside them there could be still a sliver of goodness I m not trying to be pessimistic That s humanity and it s realistic In a way that s the point of grimdark fantasy and why I love the genre Fletcher nailed this situation with the accuracy of a sniper As the book shifted its narration to a character driven style we get to explore of these deranged characters thoughts and sense of longing especially for the main trioThe stupendous characters development is one of the aspects that truly made this book superior from its predecessorThe world building also significantly improved If Fletcher had stuck with what he made in Beyond Redemption honestly I would ve been okay with it However he instead made it even better with Geisteskranken The Delusional appearances I mean c mon there s even a DRAGON Look at the book cover a dragon and exploration of Afterdeath The exposition of Afterdeath and how it influenced and affected the real world is truly amazing it s like we have two worlds to explore rather than one Don t even get me started on the Mirror elements which I could gush about but I strongly believe it s something that you have to truly experience for yourselfFrom my past experiences in the genre a lot of grimdark authors tended to have prose that s flowery than flowers themselves I personally dislike that Sometimes the words aren t even necessary other than to make the sentences sound cooler It ruins the flow of the book for me when I have to think what the hell is the author is trying to say or looked at the dictionary repeatedly Doesn t mean it s a bad thing at all I just feel that there should be a line on this because anything that s too much isn t good Fletcher s prose isn t like that all No words are wasted everything is crucial and yet it s addictive immersive and easy to access That said considering that The Mirror s Truth is indie I did find some typos throughout my read Typos never bother my reading experience unless it s out of control and that s why it won t affect my overall assessment I m just letting you know that there are some here I also love how each chapter almost always starts with a philosophical passage that s essential to the atmosphere and background of the mad world This one in particular is my favorite We are each living a story What many of us are too afraid to admit is that we are the authors of our story You are living the life you chose for yourself You are living the result of each and every one of your choices If you are letting others make decisions for you you are allowing them to write your story Do they have your best interests at heart If you are unhappy whose fault is that Don t like your life go write yourself a better one Finally I want to address the aesthetic factors and production value Unlike Beyond Redemption The Mirror s Truth is self published there s a reason for this but it s too long for me to explain here You can read about it in the acknowledgment section or even just ask the author about it Don t let this fact discourage you though Beyond Redemption has a cool cover it was drawn by one of my favorite artists Richard Anderson but it honestly didn t capture the madness of the world The Mirror s Truth book cover was done by a different artist and let me just says that it s pure badassery and it fully captured what Fletcher envisioned in the world he createdPicture The Mirror s Truth Book Cover in all its glory by John Anthony Di Giovanni Click here for H version we also have the matter of materials Self published trade paperbacks somehow seem to have better materials than what big publishing companies use The Books of Babel from Josiah Bancroft which I possess along with this book justify my reasoning The papers used are smooth and thin The ink glistens as if it was just printed which made my reading experience even better They also look wet under the light if you re looking at it from the right angle If all books published by big publishing company were the same superb uality I can guarantee you I wouldn t be reading from e books everTo do a tiny bit of comparison in overall uality this series just judging from the two available books are in my opinion better than all books written by Mark Lawrence Brian Staveley and I ve read all of them before saying this The fact that The Mirror s Truth is self published makes this even crazier and is why I will do everything I can to make sure everyone notices and reads this book You can thank me or send me hate mail later but please give it a try firstHonestly speaking grimdark fantasy is one of my favorite genres especially in manga However I ve been disappointed a lot with grimdark novels There are some great ones for sure but none ever made it into my favorites of all time shelves so far except for Abercrombie s books however Fletcher did it twice in succession with this series Joe Abercrombie has always been one of my favorite authors and he still is I crowned him as the best grimdark author of all time but do note that I haven t read Malazan yet at the time of writing this review so I can t say anything for Steven Erikson Now I finally have someone on my list that can share that throne with himThere will be standalone novels taking place in the same world like Swarm and Steel which was just released yesterday and which I ll be reading next there will also be one book to conclude this series This means the Manifest Delusions main series will be a trilogy Whatever the future holds Fletcher will have my full support not only because I need but because the world of fantasy needs of the originality that he can deliver I know everyone who has read this series will agree with me that if there s an author that deserves our support Fletcher is that author With The Mirror s Truth Manifest Delusions has already cemented its uality as one of the best grimdark fantasies series I ve ever read along with The First Law series by Joe Abercrombie and at the same time is the number one most underrated series I ve ever read The Mirror s Truth is a seuel manifested from a mixture of superlative imagination and genuine talent that every fan of the genre must read I absolutely recommend this book with all my heart brain and delusionsThere s no excuse here The only reason you should not read this book is if you re dead in which case you ll still find me enslaving everyone to read this book from the Afterdeath Mwahahahahaha Pardon me that was my doppelganger speaking I ll shut him up now Seriously though read this book You can find this and the rest of my Adult EpicHigh Fantasy 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