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Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Æ 7 Ental powers beyond her wildest dreams and a terrifying enemy Lothos King of the Vampires who is determined to have Buffy for himself All she has are a stake a cross and a mission destroy the evil even if it takes her own li. I have read this book countless times in the last 22 years It was one of the first Buffy books my parents bought me and if you could see my copy of itWell it s obviously been through the wringer It looks well read and well loved So my harsh rating of it has nothing to do with a dislike of the story I am probably the only person I know of within my inner circle of friends that when I say I love the 1992 film of Buffy the Vampire Slayer I am not saying it for nostalgic reasons or that I love it in an ironic way I heartily admit that I love the film as a film made in any age and I love it as a dark comedy I acknowledge that it is not high cinema or particularly deep but it s fun and even aside from the 1997 2003 television show offers a uniue contribution to the wider vampire mythosThe reason the book has such a low rating is that aside from one or two key parts the novelization adds nothing to the film We are rarely told what Buffy Pike or Merrick is feeling and it reads like a play by play of the script If you love the film and its witty repartee as much as I do that means the book is good but it s not original and there s not much point to reading it very oftenSome points of note however The mythology behind Slayers and Watchers is described differently in this book than in the movie and yet is still different here than the mythology of the later television series The way Merrick dies is very different than in the film and is actually a bit emotional though I can see why the film did it the way they did he offers no incite to Buffy on how to save the day in this one A lot of the sexual references are cut out of the novelization Some of the continuity about the shallow friendship and opinions of Buffy s pre Slayer buddies is erased in this novelization Also which characters say what is changed up a bit here While I would hope that it would be to flesh out what even in the film are 2 dimensional characters it doesn t really succeed I would say this book is definitely worth a read particularly if you are a hardcore Buffy fan and a lover of the film BUT it doesn t really add anything to the wider mythos of the series It will be really interesting re reading the later Buffy show verse novel Sins of the Father which includes Pike as a character and compare Pike s characterization between the two novels now

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Æ 7 Mark of the order only she the Pom Pom Princess of California cheerleaders can stop the vampires before they engulf LA They're everywhere she can't even trust her best friends Merrick has brought her knowledge physical and m. I m gonna give this one a 375 Goodreads should really consider adding 05 at least between their numbers for ratings it would help make it accurate I am a huge fan of the TV show I consider it my all time favorite and I doubt I ll ever find another that will surpass it Other shows have tried but failed in taking the 1 spot in my heart It s got everything supernatural werewolves vampires magic name it it s got itI stumbled upon the movie somewhere during season 3 I think and I had to see it It is bad I mean really bad Nothing comparable to the show it s a wonder really I consider it to be so bad it s good though I hope this makes senseAnyway when I learned there was a book based on the movie I had to get my hands on it and it took a while before I got it At the thrift store of all places A few years ago I wanted to read it but never did so it s been sitting pretty among other books my Buffy books collection of courseI got to read this book a couple days ago as a sort of get out of reading slump so I was looking for something short that would be easy enough I hit the jackpot with this I found the book to be really easy to get into a completely fast read even though I took 3 days to read it real life and stuff got in the way you know how things go It s not the greatest book considering where it s coming from the movie but I heardread that there is parts of the original script in it Throughout the book I found there was major similarities to the show almost copies of what we got in it I mean Hemery High s basement being occupied by the major baddie Lothos while Sunnydale High had the actual entrance to the Hellmouth Something Buffy said to Amilyn about the sunrise felt it came right out of Welcome to the Hellmouth Part 2 where Buffy said almost exactly the same thing to Luke I felt it odd that Buffy would use the same sentencepun twice for some reason Maybe it s just me I feel there wasn t character development in the book than there was in the movie but I could feel Buffy s change throughout which was niceIt s been a while since I ve seen the movie and I own it on DVD I don t pop it in that often whereas I can marathon the entire series at least 4 times a year Now that I have read the book I don t have to watch the movie for a little while since one is the other but a little detailed in parts

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters Æ 7 The fourth teenage girl in LA has disappeared in less than two months But Buffy's oblivious She's brainstorming a theme for the senior dance One nightmare later she meets a stranger named Merrick who tells her she bears the. I was really young when I ve first read this book and of course these days I thought it was amazing although now I ve finally understood how poor at least the Czech translation is Nevertheless in the Czech Republic it s uite rare book and I m really glad I own one