EBOOK or PDF Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon È Andrea di Robilant

  • Hardcover
  • 384
  • Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon
  • Andrea di Robilant
  • English
  • 22 February 2020
  • 9781400044139

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review  Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Egal and still beautiful and a bit battle hardened herself was Byron’s landlord during the poet’s stay in Venice In a fitting finale to this sweeping drama Lucia stands as a relic of a lost golden age she created in part the aura that gave rise to the Romantic view of Italy and its culture that we still nourish today With the brave and articulate Lucia at the center of his re creation of this remarkable historical period Andrea di Robilant has once again reached across the centuries and deep into his own past to bring history to rich and vivid life on the page. For research thanks Dini

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review  Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oncerns we witness—through her letters to her sister and other primary sources—her painful series of miscarriages and the pressure on her to produce an heir; her impassioned affair with an Austrian officer and its stunning results; the glamour and strain of her career as a hostess in Hapsburg Vienna and lady in waiting at the court of Napoleon’s stepson Prince Eugène de Beauharnais as well as her intimate relationship with the Empress Joséphine; and her amazing firsthand account of the defeat of Napoleon in Paris in 1814 In her later years Lucia r. Oh my gosh how I enjoyed this book This is definitely a 45 rating for me so I might change the rating between 4 or 5 stars I had never heard of Lucia and her family before this book In truth what really interested me to pick this book up was wanting to learn about what it was like in Italy when the French Revolution then Napoleon rose to power Never really gave much thought to how this period of time affected non French citizens Not only did I get a glimpse into what I wanted to know but I learned about an admirable person So very glad I chose to randomly stroll through the library

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review  Lucia A Venetian Life in the Age of Napoleon á PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook From the acclaimed author of A Venetian Affair comes the vivid and dramatic story of the fall of Venice and the rise of a new age during the tumultuous Napoleonic period as seen through the eyes of his great great great great grandmotherIn 1787 Lucia the beautiful sixteen year old daughter of a prominent Venetian statesman is married off to Alvise Mocenigo scion of one of the most powerful Venetian families But their life as a golden couple will be suddenly transformed when Venice falls to Bonaparte As the larger events unfolding around Lucia mingle with her most personal c. I read this book because I absolutely loved Andrea di Robilant s first book A Venetian Affair which like Lucia was also a non fiction book based on the letters left behind by one of his ancestors I agree with some other reviewers who said that the life of Lucia was not as compelling as the torrid secret forbidden love affair depicted in the first book That said di Robilant is a top notch writer and I thought this was an excellent book Di Robilant combines personal and global history effortlessly and I came away from the book with insights into how world events can change life trajectories Di Robilant also deftly brought out the complexities of human relationships he takes contradictory situations people are awful to each other and yet love each other deeply and helps us understand how that can be so I think I also loved the book because I was recently in Vienna and so I learned about many of the emperors and empresses that are mentioned in this book In general any European history buff should love to see what life was like during the age of Napoleon I highly recommend this book